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Desktop Administrator Team

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Team Overview

The Desktop Administrator (DA) team is responsible for providing technology resources to residents in each housing unit's Academic Center, including hardware, software, and printing services. DAs are dedicated to maintaining a network of 7 Academic Centers that serve a total of 8,000 residents. Centers range in size from 15-30 Windows machines and 2-4 Mac clients each, all of which are connected to a Windows-based print and file server. In order to ensure a consistent user experience in each facility, the DA team maintains base images of Windows and Mac machines to allow residents to utilize any center without a noticeable difference in function. The DA team also makes 3D printing and modeling available to dorm residents.

What We Do

Hardware Upgrades

3D Printing

Fix Printers

Academic Center Maintenance

Spend all day removing old computers and then replacing them with new ones! Provide 3D printing technology for students in the Academic Centers. By the end of the year you will have performed every troubleshooting procedure on a printer multiple times. Ensure the computers and printers in the Academic Centers run smoothly.

Team Members

Staff Photo Danny

Danny Yang

Lead Desktop Administrator

Staff Photo Sally

Sally Tran

 Desktop Administrator

Ives Galley

Desktop Administrator