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Desktop Consulting Team

We're here for your (tech) support.

The Desktop Consulting Team provides and supports computing equipment and services that enhance the productivity and communication of Student Affairs units. Desktop Consultants provide front-line, technical customer support to all Student Affairs staff.

What We Do

Desktop Support

Quality Customer Service

Hardware & Software

Innovation & Creativity

The Desktop Consultants are responsible for providing advanced desktop and technical support for staff who work in the department of Student Affairs. The Desktop Consultant team puts the needs and concerns of the customer first by providing efficient and quality service. The Desktop Consultant team manages over 300 applications unique to the Division of Student Affairs for thousands of staff computers. Desktop Consultants stay on top of changing technologies and are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

Meet the Team

Elizabeth Fung, Lead Desktop Consultant

Elizabeth Fung

Lead Desktop Consultant

Grace Park, Desktop Consultant

Grace Park

Desktop Consultant

Elizabeth Leong, Desktop Consultant

Elizabeth Leong

Desktop Consultant

Desktop Consultant, Kendra Rideout

Kendra Rideout

Desktop Consultant

Brady Guo, Desktop Consultant

Brady Guo

Desktop Consultant

Seth Yanow

Business/Technical Support Analyst

Cindy Lo, Desktop Consultant

Cindy Lo

Desktop Consultant