Information Security

Information Security Team

InfoSec Team

We got the h4x.

Team Overview

The Information Security team works to ensure the safety of student data stored on and transferred through our network by enforcing strict security standards on all our servers and workstations.  InfoSec performs intrusive and non-intrusive scanning of our systems and audits of servers to protect confidential data. We closely scrutinize infected workstations and staff computers to pinpoint the cause of infection and minimize the amount of data loss.

Additionally, the InfoSec team continually works with our customer support and Marketing teams to educate students and staff on security awareness and safe computing practices, taking both reactive and proactive approaches to maintain security and protect the network.

What We Do

Break applications

Write code

Make policy

Handle security incidents

InfoSec Analysts carry out security testing on applications developed all over campus. The InfoSec team writes code to improve our intrusion detection systems, compile meaningful statistics about UC Berkeley's security posture, and audit our processes to keep student data safe. InfoSec works with campus policy makers to define policy that affects all students in the residential halls and on campus. The InfoSec Analysts work to mitigate compromises and vulnerabilities through network traffic analysis and consulting with campus staff.

Team Members

Sasha Itkis, Lead Information Security Analyst

Sasha Itkis

Lead Information Security Engineer

Suppiya Low, Assistant Office Coordinator

Suppiya Low

Information Security Analyst

Kristy Cappelli

Information Security Analyst

Jenny Huang, Information Security Analyst

Jenny Huang

Information Security Analyst

Jacob Kitley

Information Security Analyst