Unix Operations Engineering

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We keep things running.

The Unix Operations Engineering Team is responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of Student Affairs Information Technologies' (SAIT) Unix servers and systems that support the network for over 8,000 student residents, as well as several business systems supporting SAIT's staff. The team conducts systems analysis and development with direction from career staff to keep systems current with changing technologies. The team maintains SAIT Linux workstations and educates all SAIT student and career staff in the use of Unix platforms, both as a server and as a client operating system.

What We Do

Automate Services

Restore Services after Outages

Upgrade Software

Support Other Teams

Using a configuration management tool called Puppet, we automate our infrastructure so that we can deploy code and services on demand. Our team has an on-call rotation to help ensure that our customers have Internet access at all times. As new versions of software gets released, we upgrade our infrastructure to maintain the best environment that we can. We maintain many systems and services to keep other SAIT teams productive and work with other groups to find new solutions.

Meet the Team

Nicholas Yang

Lead Unix Operations Engineer


Senior Unix Operations Engineer


Unix Operations Engineer