Outreach and Engagement Lead

This position provides an excellent learning opportunity for students who may be new to working within an IT setting. We provide extensive training for all new staff around technical concepts, troubleshooting strategies, and customer service skills that they will need in the position. We encourage applicants who may have limited IT experience, but who are eager to grow, to apply!

March 2019 - May 2020 (summer required)


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The Interview

What to Expect

Lead Marketing Coordinator interview Candidates will meet with a small panel made up of current Outreach and Engagement Team staff, the team supervisor to discuss how their skills and experience are a fit for the job. The interview will last about one hour, and will include some general questions as well as some that are specific to their design process/skills and creative background. Candidates who have a portfolio of previous work will be asked to share and discuss it during the interview. They will also be asked to bring an unofficial transcript to verify they meet the minimum GPA requirement.

Interview questions

  • Describe your experience leading a team or group. What do you think makes an effecive leader?
  • What are some of the tools and strategies you use to stay organized when working on projects with multiple deadlines?
  • Part of our recruitment process includes reaching out to student groups whose members might be interested in our jobs. How would you find information about a group and connect with them if given this task?

Team Overview

The Student Technologies Services Outreach and Engagement team is responsible for promoting services provided by STS and engaging and collaborating with students to identify and promote tech resources on campus that support and enhance the student experience. The team produces communications for Student Technology Services, including composing original content, creating graphic design elements, and managing the the STS website and social media accounts.

Job Description

Leads and supports the team:
  • Plans and organizes work for the team  
  • Works with team members to establish project deadlines and prioritize tasks
  • Schedules regular team meetings and one-on-ones for status updates and planning
  • Coordinates hiring, training, and evaluation for  team members
Establishes connections with students:
  • Identifies, creates, and maintains relationships with on-campus student groups
  • Through relationships with student groups, helps to identify student needs, identifies opportunities for collaboration, and promotes on-campus resources and development opportunities
  • Plans and organizes efforts to recruit applicants to SAIT’s student jobs
Facilitates creativity:
  • Leads brainstorms for communications campaigns, design projects, and written materials
  • Helps the team translate creative ideas into concrete actions
  • Oversees the design and content creation process for all STS print and digital content, including the STS website
  • Reviews  communication plans and strategies to ensure they  are appropriate and effective for given audience
Provides organizational and team leadership:
  • Engages with student leads group to plan events, communications, and recruitment activities
  • Encourages STS staff members to engage with STS social media and share opportunities on campus
  • Participates in SAIT student leads group
  • Helps build positive workplace culture by promoting internal staff events and activities
Examples of projects and daily tasks:
  • Promote STS services and resources during Golden Bear Orientation and related fall start-up activities
  • Network with student organizations to learn about the resources they offer on campus and identify opportunities to work together
  • Develop recruitment campaigns and timelines for all SAIT student positions
  • Lead team in creating materials to promote tech resources that support students’ success on campus
  • Coordinate regular content and photo updates for the STS website

What You'll Learn on the Job

  • Advanced communication skills with wide variety of peers, coworkers, and full-time professional staff
  • Hands-on supervisory and leadership skills
  • How to effectively engage an audience of students/customers
  • Project management skills

Required Qualifications:

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills with strong attention to detail
  • Leadership experience
  • Excellent, demonstrated, communication skills with diverse audiences
  • Flexibility and creativity in problem solving
  • Ability to observe and participate in STS events and activities and identify stories of interest that can be shared in digital and print formats
  • Familiarity with campus student organizations
  • Desire to connect with students and promote resources and opportunities that improve student experiences
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience leading and coordinating marketing/communications campaigns or projects
  • Knowledge of what makes visual/written communications successful
  • Portfolio of previous creative projects
  • Photography and/or photo editing experience
  • Management/supervision experience
  • Strong understanding of what appeals to a student audience