Staff Engagement Coordinator

This position provides an excellent learning opportunity for students who may be new to working within an IT setting. We provide extensive training for all new staff around technical concepts, troubleshooting strategies, and customer service skills that they will need in the position. We encourage applicants who may have limited IT experience, but who are eager to grow, to apply!

2019-2020 Academic Year


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The Interview

What to Expect

Staff Engagement Coordinator interview candidates will meet with a small panel made up of the current Outreach and Engagement team and the team supervisor to discuss how their skills and experiences are fitting for the job. The interview will last about one hour, and will include some general questions as well as some that are specific to the applicant's exeperience communicating with diverse audiences. Candidates will be asked to bring an unofficial transcript to verify that they meet the minimum GPA requirement.

Sample interview questions

  • Describe any experience you have managing an event or group project. What are some potential important details that you must communicate to stakeholders, such as your lead or supervisor, in the process of putting together a staff-building event?
  • Describe a time you needed to communicate in writing with a diverse audience. What approach did you take to make sure your message reached your audience?
  • Describe what makes an impactful and effective alumni outreach strategy. What methods and social media platforms would you use to reach your target audience?

About the Team

The Outreach & Engagement team is responsible for promoting services provided by Student Technology Services and engaging and collaborating with students to identify and promote tech resources on campus that support and enhance the student experience. The team produces communications for STS, including conducting on-campus outreach events, composing original content, creating graphic design elements, and managing the STS website and social media accounts.

Job Description

Coordinates activities that broadly support a positive, welcoming and inclusive work culture within STS
  • Solicits feedback from student staff and career staff about work culture, inclusiveness, and staff morale, and identifies strategies and activities that foster improvements in these areas
  • Ensures newly hired staff are promptly integrated into existing staff channels (e.g. new staff survey, staff photos, website bios, name badges, etc.)
  • Compiles and sends out a (bi)weekly e-announcement that consolidates upcoming events, requests for assistance, apparel order procedures, etc.
  • Assists with marketing, ordering and distribution of staff apparel items (e.g. staff name badges, STS apparel, etc.)
  • Supports student leads to coordinate team-level staff development activities
  • Assists with the planning, marketing and implementation of 3-4 staff engagement events per semester
  • Implements and analyzes STS exit survey when student staff conclude their positions

Facilitates alumni relationships and engagement
  • Cultivates positive, ongoing relationships with STS alumni via mailing lists, LinkedIn accounts, and other channels
  • Assists with the planning, marketing and implementation of 1-2 networking events between alumni and current student staff
  • Plans and implements mentoring/shadowing activities between alumni and current student staff (e.g. cover letter and resume review; interview preparation, etc.)
  • Promotes staff engagement events and activities to alumni when appropriate
  • Maintains and updates STS alumni contact information
Supports team operations 
  • Follow through with team requests made via internal ticketing system and update status of requests in a timely manner
  • Assists with all team operations, including printing and distributing materials
  • Helps update and manage STS’s social media platforms and website
  • Attends weekly team meetings
  • Documents Outreach and Engagement projects using STS's internal wiki
Engages current student staff in the recruitment of new student staff applicants

  • Coordinates the Faces of STS photo and narrative campaign in support of the spring recruitment cycles
  • Enlists participation from current student staff in delivering broad-based recruitment activities being coordinated by the O&E team (e.g. in-person presentations to classes/clubs; tabling at key events and job fairs, etc.)

Supports team operations
  • Assists with O&E team operations, including event coordination and materials preparation/distribution
  • Attends weekly O&E team meetings
  • Documents O&E projects using STS's internal wiki
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to engage diverse audiences
  • Previous experience in coordinating large events and/or projects
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to complete work assignments autonomously and within the context of a team
  • Basic knowledge of managing social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Currently enrolled UC Berkeley student with a minimum GPA of 2.0

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous experience in building inclusive work cultures and environments, and creating space for underrepresented communities
  • Previous experience in alumni relationship management
  • Intermediate experience managing social media accounts
  • Photography and videography skills