Student Tech Job Descriptions


Thank you for your interest in working for Student Technology Services (STS), part of UC Berkeley’s Student Affairs - Information Technologies! STS is powered by a staff of more than 80 students who provide both front-line support and work behind the scenes to deliver critical technology services to students and staff. Students who work for Student Tech Services:

  • Have a range of opportunities - Our program offers a variety of technical and non-technical roles that range from entry-level to supervisory. We invest in internal recruitment and promotion so there are many opportunities for advancement within the organization.
  • Enjoy a flexible work environment - We promote a relaxed, social, and supportive workplace culture. Student staff are ale to work and learn collaboratively and can set their own hours to accommodate class schedules.
  • Have access to training and development opportunities - We look for well rounded candidates with diverse experiences that can bring a unique perspective to their work and who are highly motivated to learn and apply new skills. A technical background is not required for many of our positions and we emphasize on the job learning.