Network Engineering

NE Team

Ensuring your network integrity.

The Network Engineering Team provides front-line, technical customer support and is responsible for set-up and maintenance of over 8,000 network subscribers for all residence halls and their related administrative offices. The team also supports peripheral devices such as registers, Cal 1 Debit readers, time clocks, security monitor laptops, laundry readers, and ADA access readers throughout Student Affairs.

What We Do

Network Management

Cash Register Support

Cal 1 Card Hardware Support

The Network Engineering Assistant team maintains the network equipment and devices that deliver Internet connectivity to all students living in campus housing. We also install and upgrade new equipment to provide expanded coverage and to improve the network. Network Engineering Assistants provide hardware support to cash registers at the concession stands in Cal Memorial Stadium and Haas Pavilion, including on-site support during games. The Network Engineering Assistant team provides hardware support to Cal 1 Card machines used at restaurants, stores, and offices both on and off campus. We also help maintain the laundry controllers and ADA access readers throughout the residence halls.

Meet the Team

Rex Xu, Lead Network Engineering Assistant

Rex Xu

Lead Network Engineering Assistant

Derek Vincent Phan

Network Engineering Assistant

Joseph Baker

Senior Network Engineering Assistant

Leslie Kwan

Communications/Network Technical Analyst

Rohan Castelino, Network Engineering Assistant

Rohan Castelino

Network Engineering Assistant

Joe Laux

Network Engineering Assistant