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Desktop Consultant

Outreach & Engagement Lead

Student Technology Consultant


Applications open Monday, June 20 Monday, September 26
Applications close Sunday, July 3 Sunday, October 9
Application review and interviews Tuesday, July 5 - Wednesday, July 20 Monday, October 10 - Wednesday, October 26
Deadline to accept offers Sunday, July 24 Sunday, October 30
Hiring and other onboarding Monday, July 25 - Friday, August 5 Monday, October 31 - Thursday, November 10
New Student Employee Orientation Friday, August 5 Thursday, November 10

Join our team!

Thank you for your interest in working for Student Technology Services (STS), part of UC Berkeley’s Student Affairs Information Technologies! STS is powered by a staff of 60-70 students who provide both front-line support and work behind the scenes to deliver critical technology services to students and staff. Check out what a student career at STS has to offer. (And, we also have a listing of other student IT job openings as well!)

A Range of Opportunities

Students work in a variety of technical and non-technical roles that range from entry-level to supervisory, including customer service and device support, systems administration, and marketing and design. We invest in internal recruitment and promotion so there are many opportunities for advancement within the organization.

Training and Development

We look for well-rounded candidates with diverse experiences that can bring a unique perspective to their work and who are highly motivated to learn and apply new skills quickly. A technical background is not required for many of our positions and we emphasize on-the-job learning to help prepare our staff for post-college careers.

Flexible Work Environment

Our student staff enjoy a relaxed, social, and supportive workplace culture in a professional office environment. They are able to work and learn collaboratively and can set their own hours to accommodate class schedules, balancing work with academic demands.

For questions about Student Tech Services jobs, email

Check here to browse any openings in other campus IT departments.

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Business Services (Lead)

Business Services Assistant

Content & Promotions Coordinator

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Desktop Consultant

Students on the job

Desktop Consultant (Lead)

EE Team

Endpoint Engineer

Endpoint Engineer

Endpoint Engineer (Lead)

All STCs

Graduate/Undergraduate Student Outreach Coordinator

InfoSec Team

Information Security Analyst

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Information Security Analyst (Lead)

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Network Engineering Assistant

NEA Lead

Network Engineering Assistant (Lead)

ONE Team

Outreach & Engagement (Lead)

STS Staff Engagement

Staff Engagement Coordinator

Unit Supervisors Candid

Student Helpdesk Supervisor


Student Leadership Training Coordinator

Student Technology Consultant

Student Technology Equity Program (Lead)

Student Technology Equity Program Associate

STC's on Campus

Student Technology Fund Program Associate

ONE Visual Communications Designer

Visual Communications Designer

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Windows System Administrator

Windows keyboard photo

Windows System Administrator (Lead)