Campus Network Policies

Be Informed - Know the Campus Network Policies

When using communications resources provided by the University, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the campus use policies, including security requirements, copyright, and the Electronic Communications Policy. Penalties for violating these regulations may include having your network connection temporarily disabled or an incident report filed with the Office of Student Conduct. Avoid these risks by reviewing the policies listed below:

Using Bandwidth

Although Student Tech Services does not currently enforce a per-person bandwidth limit, we do reserve the right to protect the campus network from abuse. If your bandwidth usage is excessive to the point of causing network degradation, your Internet connection may be temporarily disabled while we work with you to investigate the cause of the problem.

Copyright Violations

As noted in campus copyright policy, it is against the law to use your network connection to share copyrighted materials. This includes sharing music, movies, TV shows, games, or software files over BitTorrent or other peer-to-peer file sharing programs. Copyright holders actively look for users who share files without permission, and if your computer is found to be the source of file sharing, you are susceptible to legal action from copyright holders in the industry, as well as sanctions under UC Berkeley's information security policies and Campus Code of Student Conduct.