Desktop Engineering

DE Team

Technically that's not our problem, but...

The Desktop Engineering Team works closely with both front-line support teams and Windows System Administrators in order to provide a reliable and secure workstation environment for the Student Affairs administrative staff and for students using the academic centers in University residence halls. The Desktop Engineering Team specifically focuses on new technologies involving large-scale workstation management and software virtualization, acting also as a resource for other Student Affairs IT staff.

What We Do

Patch Machines

Build Images

Virtualize Applications

Develop New Technologies

The Desktop Engineering team uses Tivoli Endpoint Manager to send updates and new software to every computer in Student Affairs. Desktop Engineers Build Windows and Mac images to create a standardized experience across the organization. The Desktop Engineering team deploys standardized applications using Microsoft Application Virtualization. Desktop Engineers use new tools to create innovative and sustainable solutions.

Meet the Team

Ethan Vuong

Lead Desktop Engineer

Danny Toth, Desktop Engineer

Danny Toth

Desktop Engineer

Ryan Van

Desktop Engineer

Keenan Parmelee

Operations Director