Unit Supervisors

US Team

We boss people around. And get paid for it.

The Unit Supervisor Team directly oversees the Student Technology Consultant (STC) teams who staff our campus helpdesk and technical support program for students. The team ensures that the STC program meets student technology needs in a timely and courteous manner by training, advising, and supporting the STCs in the delivery of their work.

What We Do

Student Tech Consultant Support

Team Collaboration


Training & Development

Our primary function is to supervise teams of Student Tech Consultants (STCs) that are dedicated to providing excellent customer support to students. We make sure STCs are equipped with strong troubleshooting skills and coordinate team building activities to promote a friendly and collaborative workplace. USes work closely with other teams within the organization to make sure that information and support is delivered to our customers as effectively as possible. We take care of a lot of background work necessary to keep our tech support services running and our customers happy. This includes holding meetings, taking on special projects, and writing and updating documentation. US staff plan training activities for our STCs to make sure they can succeed at what they do. We develop and deliver an intensive, week-long training session for them to hone their skills and become sharp, computer-fixing machines.

Meet the Team

Jacob Fisher, Unit Supervisor

Jacob Fisher

Unit Supervisor

Katarina Stroud, Unit Supervisor

Katarina Stroud

Unit Supervisor

Jess Mankewitz, Unit Supervisor

Jessica Mankewitz

Unit Supervisor

Alex Popescu, Lead Unit Supervisor

Alex Popescu

Lead Unit Supervisor

Eric McCormick, Unit Supervisor

Eric McCormick

Unit Supervisor

Clark Bilorusky

Technical Services Supervisor

Younie Park, Unit Supervisor

Younie Park

Unit Supervisor