Windows System Administration

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The Windows System Administration Team is responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting over 250 servers that support a wide variety of applications and organizations within Student Affairs. The team is a key technical resource for other staff within Student Affairs IT and campus IT management by providing advice, training, and technical support for various projects and in evaluating current systems and making decisions on future development.

What We Do

Keep our Servers Functional

Manage Accounts

Spread the Holy Teachings of Microsoft Windows

Keep our Office Pet Fish Alive

We develop and maintain the Windows servers and systems that support over 800 Windows and Macintosh workstations supported by SAIT. Ever wondered who determines what you can and can’t do with your CalNet account? That’s us! We manage thousands of accounts for students and staff in Student Affairs and make sure they have the access they need. The Windows Team helps to educate SAIT staff in the use of the Windows platform, both as a server and a client operating system. Exercising our full expertise in marine sustainability and technical fish-food dietary arts, we fuel our energetic betta fish with top quality protein flakes.

Meet the Team


Lead Windows System Administrator

Priyam Mohanty

Windows Systems Administrator

Jasper Deng, Windows System Administrator

Jasper Deng

Windows Systems Administrator

Ashley Nguyen, Windows System Administrator

Ashley Nguyen

Windows Systems Administrator

Jasmine Hahm

Windows System Administrator 

Rosia Alexander

Systems Administrator

Roger Luo, Student Technology Consultant

Roger Luo

Windows Systems Administrator