How to get my family/non-students online

There are several options for how your non-student household members can get online:

  • You may provide your WiFi key with your family members so that they may access eduroam. Your Eduroam ID is your CalNet ID followed by, for example, if your CalNet ID is oski, you should enter "". Note: This is not the same thing as sharing your CalNet passphrase, as your WiFi key only gives your family members access to the eduroam network (which they already had access to in the past).
  • You may also have your family use a wired connection through one of the ports on the access point. You, as the student, would need to register the MAC address for the device and assume responsibility for any security violations.
  • They may use CalVisitor, which requires no student affiliation. However, be aware that CalVisitor is not a secured network.

The main caveat is that you, as the student, need to be aware that you are the primary person responsible for the internet usage in your residence, and thus you are expected to ensure all usage complies with campus security/copyright policies, etc. Some of the key policies are available here: