How to Find Your MAC Address

What is a Media Access Control (MAC) Address used for?

A Media Access Contro (MAC) Address is used to register certain devices to the UC Berkeley network by acting as a "username" for each individual device. You will need to locate the MAC Address for most gaming consoles and smart devices before you are able to connect to the Berkeley-IoT network. 

Devices such as phones, computers, and laptops may connect to eduroam without inputting the MAC Address. 

How to Find Your MAC Address for Wireless Connections (Berkeley-IoT Network)

Below are instructions for locating the WiFi MAC address on popular devices. If your device is not listed here, you may need to consult your device’s instructions or run a google search for your device. If you would like assistance with locating your device’s WiFi MAC address, contact the student helpdesk.

Apple TV

1. Go to the main menu on your Apple TV device, and select Settings
2. Select About from the menu for the network information.
3. Wireless MAC address will be listed under Wireless ID

Fire TV Stick

1. Go to settings (gear icon)
2. Select 'My Fire TV' or 'This Device'
3. Select About
4. Locate the Wireless MAC address under MAC Address (Wi-Fi)

Roku TV

1. Press the Home button on your remote.
2. Scroll down and select Settings
3. Scroll down and click Network
4. Select About
5. Locate the Wireless MAC address
Note: Roku players (Express, Premiere, Stick+, Ultra, etc.) may also have their WiFi MAC address printed on the physical device as well.

Playstation 4

1. Select Settings on the main menu.
2. Select Network.
3. Select View Connection Status.
4. Locate MAC Address (WiFi)

Playstation 5

1. From the Playstation Home screen, select Settings in the upper right.
2. Select System.
3. Select System Software.
4. Select Console Information.
5. The MAC address will be listed by MAC Address (Wi-Fi).

Xbox One

1. Go to My Xbox in the Xbox dashboard and select Settings.
2. In the Settings pane, select Network.
3. Select Advanced Settings from the Network Settings tab.
4. At the bottom of this screen, you'll see a heading for Wireless MAC.

Xbox Series X/S

1. On the Xbox controller, press the Xbox button.
2. From the Profile & System menu, select Settings.
3. From the General section, select Network Settings.
4. Select Advanced Settings.
5. On the IP Settings menu, the wireless MAC address will be listed by Wireless MAC.

How to Find Your MAC Address for Wired Connections (ethernet cable)

In order to use your Mac or Windows device on the residence halls' or University Village's wired network, you will first need to register your device. This will require entering your media access control (MAC) address. 

Some gaming consoles may also connect via a wired connection, using the same registration process. However, users are encouraged to connect their gaming consoles via the Berkeley-IoT Network whenever possible. 

Follow the steps below to locate the MAC Address for your device or contact the Student Helpdesk for assistance.

Mac OS

1. On the top right of your screen, click on the Wi-Fi icon and select Open Network Preferences.

2. Select Ethernet from the left list and then click the Advanced button. 

3. In the Advanced options pop-up, click the Hardware section. There you will find your 12-digit ethernet address.

Windows 10

1. Open the command prompt: right click on the start button and click “command prompt”

2. Type "ipconfig /all" into the command prompt and hit enter:

3. Find your adapter's physical address. Scroll down to your network adapter and look for the values next to "Physical Address," which is your MAC address.

Windows 8

1. Open the Start menu and type "cmd". Press enter to run the cmd program.

2. Type "ipconfig /all" into the black screen that appears.

3. Scroll until you see the section Ethernet adapter Ethernet. The 12-digit long address next to Physical Address is your device's ethernet address.


  1. Remove the Broadband adapter from the Gamecube.
  2. The MAC address is printed on the underside of the adapter.

PlayStation 3

  1. Power up the PS3 without a disk.
  2. From the home screen, select Settings  Network Settings
  3. When the Network Settings list appears, select Settings and Connection Status List.
  4. Scroll down the page and record the MAC address.

PlayStation 4

  1. Arrow up and over to Settings in the PS4 menu.
  2. Scroll down to Network.
  3. Scroll down to View Connection Status.
  4. The MAC Address will be listed next to MAC Address.

Wii and Wii U

  1. On the Wii Channel menu, select the round Wii button on the bottom left of the screen (the Wii Options button).
  2. Select Wii Settings  scroll over a page and select Internet  Console Information or View MAC Address.
  3. The first line will be the MAC address.

Xbox 360

  1. At the Xbox dashboard, go to the Systems area.
  2. Under System Settings, select Network Settings  Configure Network.
  3. Make sure that under Basic Settings the IP address is set to automatic.
  4. Then select Additional Settings  Advanced Settings
  5. At the bottom of the screen, record the Wired MAC Address.

Xbox One

To locate the MAC Address of your Xbox One console:

  1. Navigate to My Games and Apps.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Select Advanced Settings.
  5. The MAC Addresses for the wired and wireless adapters should be displayed.

Need help finding your MAC address? Contact us!