Cable TV in Campus Residences

FAQ: Cable TV

Student Tech Services also provides support for cable television in campus residences. Please see our frequently asked questions below for cable service in residence halls and University Village. 

  1. What equipment do I need?

    You will need at least one cable-ready device to view channels above 2-13, such as a cable-ready television and/or a cable-ready DVD player or receiver. You will also need a coaxial cable to reach from your device to the cable outlet.

  2. I not getting a signal - what is the problem?

    Make sure that the TV has power and that the coaxial cable is properly connected at both ends. Check all wires for damage and replace any damaged wires. If you have additional components (such as a DVD player or gaming device), disconnect and try connecting the cable directly to the television. Check if your TV is cable-ready. If your television is not cable-ready, set it to channel 3 or 4, then switch channels through a cable-ready receiver.

  3. Why are channels 2-13 really fuzzy?

    This is usually the result of a bad coaxial cable. Try a newer coaxial cable to solve the problem. If the problem persists, contact Student Tech Services and we will assist you.

  4. Will the channel line-up ever change to include any additional channels (e.g. Bravo, Disney, FX, etc.)?

    Adding certain channels to the existing line-up would cause the cable TV service to be dramatically more expensive and the campus wants to keep costs low for residents. For example, adding just one network could cost between $10,000 and $20,000 more per year. The campus wants to avoid passing that additional cost along to residents. 

  5. Why are some programming times listed 3 hours ahead in the TV guide?

    The satellite service provides east-coast-only feed to many channels in order to keep costs low. It would require twice as many signal paths and increase costs to allow both east and west coast satellite feeds.

  6. Can I subscribe to premium channels?

    Premium channels through the residence hall cable TV service are not available. The cost to provide the specialized infrastructure that would allow some residents to subscribe to premium channels is very high, and direct feedback from our customers over the last several years has not shown a strong desire for this service.

  7. Will any channels be available in HD? 

    The costs of providing HDTV has been prohibitively high in the past, but the campus will continue to investigate this option. 


Have more questions about cable service? Contact us for help!

TV cable drawing

Find TV Listings for Your Location

To find local listings, we suggest you use Zap2It

At the Zap2It site, enter your zip code: 

  • '94720' for Residence Halls and single-student apartments
  • '94706' for University Village

Select your cable provider 

  • Click on "University of California Berkeley-RSSB - Cable (Berkeley)" for Residence Halls and single-student apartments.
  • Click on "Albany University Village - Cable (Berkeley)" for University Village.

The TV listings should now be visible with the channels provided with your connection.