Security Tips

Stay Safe

Safe Browsing

Stay Safe Online

  • Look at the website of the anti-spyware website, and read a few of their descriptions and introductions. Most of the fake anti-spyware websites will be full of spelling errors and poor English.
  • Do not install any programs that make you uneasy or that seem suspicious to you. 

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Social Network Privacy

Making Your Public Profile More Private

General Privacy Settings

  • It can often be difficult to figure out exactly where the controls are to change your profile privacy settings. While we will look at Facebook and Twitter accounts more in-depth below, here are a few pointers:
  • Look for obvious headings, such as "Edit My Profile", "Settings", or "Account Details."

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Activate Your Firewall

Firewall Protection for Mobile Devices 

  • Maintain an active firewall on all your devices. 
  • A personal firewall protects your computer from unwanted and harmful network traffic that can exploit security holes on your computer. 
  • is available on Android and iOS devices. It's features include virus scanning, a firewall, remote cell phone tracking, malware protection, and more.