Tech Resources for Soon-to-Graduate Students

Congratulations soon-to-be graduates!

All of your hard work has finally paid off. While this is a tremendous milestone, it can also be a time of uncertainty if you’re unsure about what’s happening next. We’re here to help! Here are some resources for graduating students. Also check out our tips for Black studentsEOP studentsgraduate students, and students with disabilities if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my access to free software expire?  

  • Access to free software, including Adobe Creative Cloud and LinkedIn Learning, expires on the last day of the semester in which you are registered. However, if you check your account and find that you still have access past your graduation date, prepare for it to close within an upcoming timeframe, which leads to the next point below:
  • Here’s a resource about how to save your Adobe assets and creations.
  • See Grace Periods for information about how long you have will access to various campus systems and technology.

What about my UC Berkeley email and G Suite?

  • After graduating, you have 9 months to transfer your student email account to an alumni email account.Once you register online with the Cal Alumni Network, you can claim your email address.
  • The address account includes cloud-based tools including an email inbox, calendar, contacts, Drive, and more
  • Plus, some Google Apps branded with Cal colors and logos are guaranteed secure and compatible with your account
  • Visit the Cal Alumni Network website to learn more, complete steps for registration, and find FAQ’s
  • See Grace Periods for information about how long you have will access to various campus systems and technology.

Can I continue using the Career Center after graduating? 

  • Recent graduates have access to 1-on-1 counseling appointments at the Career Center for up to one year after graduation. Beyond that year, you will still have access to Handshake,  career fairs, workshops, networking events, and specialized programs for up to five years after graduation. This applies to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students upon graduating.
  • All of these alumni services are FREE! Find more information about the Career Center Services for Alumni
  • Be sure to check out the Career Center YouTube channel! There are videos with informational tips for a variety of topics, including internship searching, applications, and interviews.