Student Technology Resources

Tech Resources for Students

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Berkeley has a wealth of technology related resources, learning opportunities, and events to take advantage of. Explore different categories and learn more about everything that is offered. 

Campus Basics

Get started with tech basics for a smooth transition

Cory Hall

Home to Supernode and the Cory Student Workshop

Events and Competitions

Participate in one of Berkeley's many hackathons, contests, and other technology related events

FAQs and Tips

FAQs and tips on how to handle some of the most common campus tech questions

Information Technology Skills

Learn how the web works, how to evalaute information from the web, and how to create your own content with the Library's Level Up program. 

Open Computing Facility (OCF)

All-volunteer run student organization offering free printing, a computer lab, hosting resources, and shell accounts to students

Remote Access

Access library materials and select research tools remotely

Software Downloads

Campus provided software downloads including Adobe Creative Cloud, Matlab, Microsoft Office, Lynda,com and more

Special Access Labs

Computer lab resources for graduate students, athletes, academic departments, and more

Student Jobs in IT

Learn about great on-campus jobs in IT that offer on-the-job training and experience in real-world IT problem solving

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