Before You Move In to UVA

Before You Move-In

How does internet and TV service work at UVA?

Internet at UVA

When you move in, your internet will already be activated. You can access WiFi through the campus wifi network (eduroam) or get a wired connection through the Aruba access point (AP) in your apartment, which includes four wired ports.

Effective July 1, 2023, Student Technology Services is no longer providing troubleshooting for personal routers; effective July 1, 2024, personal routers will no longer be permitted at UVA. Residents are encouraged to use the Eduroam and Berkeley IoT wireless networks, depending on the type of device, or a direct wired connection from their device to the AP via an ethernet cable.

Eduroam is your preferred wireless network for computers and mobile devices; however many other personal devices (e.g. smart TVs, streaming hubs, and gaming consoles) may not be compatible, and will require the use of Berkeley-IoT. Eduroam uses a WiFi key that you may share with your household. Devices connected via Berkeley-IoT and wired connection (ethernet) require registration before they can function on the network.

See “When You Move In to UVA

TV Service at UVA

What is IPTV service? How is it different from cable or satellite?

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Internet Protocol TV Streaming (IPTV) provides online streaming of live TV, HBO, HBO Max, Peacock, and On Demand programming using your CalNet credentials. It is only available to students with an active housing contract. See also What can I watch on-campus vs. off-campus?

To get started:

  1. Download XFINITY Stream app or visit
  2. Select "sign in here" for Xfinity On Campus students (only required for Stream app).
  3. Enter University of California, Berkeley in the search field.
  4. Log in using your CalNet credentials.

What devices can I use to watch IPTV? 

*Please note that students can only connect one device at a time. In other words, multiple devices cannot be used simultaneously. Xfinity on Campus is not reachable from Berkeley-Visitor (because Berkeley-Visitor does not allow TCP port 8443 which is used by Comcast's authentication process).

† Smart TVs and streaming hubs must use the Berkeley-IoT WiFi network or a wired connection

Can I use TV Everywhere apps? 

TV Everywhere apps are only usable when the student has the channel on their account. They can only use TV everywhere with the network's app specifically. If they want to use the Xfinity Stream app, they will need to purchase a Roku device. For more information, see What is TV Everywhere? is external)

How do I get help?

Contact the Village Office at 510-526-8505. Students can also contact Xfinity technical support by logging into their Xfinity On Campus account and filling out a support ticket.

What equipment should I bring?

The following equipment is not required, but highly recommended based on most families’ experience moving into UVA:

  • If you want to watch IPTV service on a television and not just a computer or mobile device, bring a smart TV or streaming device that supports the Xfinity Stream app (see above).

While most residents will find that the Eduroam and Berkeley-IoT wireless networks offer fast, stable internet service, wireless interference is always possible and something outside the control of the university. Therefore, we recommend you have the equipment needed to set up a wired connection in the event you have any reception issues:

  • Bring ethernet adaptors if your laptop does not have a port for wired ethernet connections. The Village Office also offers a limited supply of free USB-A and USB-C adaptors.

  • Bring ethernet cables for each critical device (up to 4 may connect to the AP at a time), ideally 50-100 ft cables for the greatest flexibility. Gaffer tape may also be useful to secure the cables to the floor to minimize tripping hazards. The Village Office also offers a limited supply of free, basic ethernet cables (usually ~4ft in length).

Personal Router Policy

Personal routers are NOT recommended for residents at UVA. While personal routers are currently permitted at University Village, we strongly discourage using them as they cause interference for other users and degrade network connectivity. In addition, please note that we cannot guarantee that personal routers will successfully achieve connectivity.

Modems, router/modem combos, and mesh wireless systems are NOT compatible with the campus network and should also not be used.

Effective July 1, 2023, personal routers will no longer be supported. Residents who already have personal routers configured may continue to use them; however, Student Technology Services will no longer provide troubleshooting in the event the personal router stops working. For this reason, we strongly recommend you transition now to Berkeley-IoT in order to avoid potential loss of service.

Effective July 1, 2024, use of personal routers will no longer be permitted at UVA, as is the case in all other campus housing. Residents who continue to use a personal router after this date may be notified to shut off the wireless broadcast or risk having the router blocked from usage on the campus network.

What technology resources are available for me when I move in? How can I get help?

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable Student Helpdesk for assistance with device registration, connecting to Wi-Fi and other technology questions.

Students can reach out to Xfinity On Campus by logging into their Xfinity On Campus account and filling out a support ticket.

last updated April 2023