Security Requirements

Be Safe, Be Smart: Protect Your Computer & Yourself

Every device on the campus network must meet the minimum security standards required by the campus. Computers that are not updated or protected against viruses and hackers are a vulnerability that can potentially affect all users, and may be temporarily blocked from the network. Protect your computer and your data from online threats by ensuring that your device meets these security requirements:

  1. Antivirus

    Your computer must have antivirus software, which will detect and eliminate malicious code and viruses on your device.  Lookout(link is external) and avast(link is external) are both good options to protect against malware and other online threats, and are available for free. You can download these antivirus softwares on your phone through an app on the Google Play Store or App store.

  2. Activated Firewall

    Ensure that your computer's firewall is activated to guard against potentially harmful network traffic that can exploit security holes in your system.

  3. Strong Password

    Set a strong administrative password to help prevent hackers from compromising your device and accessing your personal data.

  4. Automatic Updates

    Enable automatic operating system updates to protect your computer from the newest security vulnerabilities as they are discovered.

    Student Tech Services can help you stay secure. Visit our Security page to learn about software and practices that will help you meet the campus minimum security standards.