Wireless Routers in the Residence Halls

Network cable photo

Personal Wireless Routers

Where campus Wi-Fi service is available (AirBears2 network), campus housing residents are not permitted to set up their own wireless networks using routers or wireless printers. This is due to the limited spectrum of wireless frequencies used for Wi-Fi service, and because the signals from individual wireless routers can disrupt and degrade the wireless network for everyone.

Most wireless spectrum space is reserved for licensed uses such as commercial television and radio. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has allocated only a limited amount of wireless spectrum for unlicensed use by the general public. Multiple devices using the same frequency simultaneously will interfere with each other. If you turn on your own access point in the residence halls, it weakens the signal strength of AirBears2 Wi-Fi for all of your neighbors.

If you live in University Village or faculty housing where wireless is not provided, you may bring and set up your own wireless router. See our tips on setting up a personal router

For more information about Wi-Fi in the residence halls, read our Wi-Fi FAQ.

If you experience problems with the campus Wi-Fi or have questions about setting up a router where campus Wi-Fi is not available, please contact us for assistance.