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Connecting to the Internet on Campus 

and in Campus Housing  

AirBears2 (recommended)

We recommend that students connect to the AirBears2 network, which is a secure network requiring authentication that is available throughout campus and in campus housing (except in University Village where Wi-Fi is only provided in common areas).

To use AirBears2, you must have a valid CalNet ID and create an AirBears2 key.

Go to to learn how to create your key and for additional information about AirBears2. 

To use campus resources (like digital library resources), students must have a secure connection to the campus network, this includes AirBears2 and eduroam connections. We recommend that students create their AirBears2 key before they come to campus so they can connect right away. If you have any questions or run in to any problems creating your AirBears2 key, send us an email at or give us a call at (510)642-HELP. 


Eduroam provides network access at participating institutions world-wide. When visiting a participating institution, UC Berkeley students who have configured their device to use eduroam can automatically connect to that institution's network.

An Airbears2 key is required to connect using eduroam. 


CalVisitor provides basic network access for visitors to campus who do not have a CalNet ID. CalVisitor is less secure than AirBears2 and does not encypt wireless traffic.

Some campus resources may not be accessible while connected with CalVisitor. 

Personal Wireless Routers 

Personal wireless routers are not permitted where Wi-Fi is already provided. Their signals can cause interference and degrade network connectivity for everyone. See our Wi-Fi FAQ for more information.

Because Wi-Fi is not provided in University Village, Village residents are permitted to set up their own Wi-Fi using a personal router. See  setting up a wireless router for more information. 

Wired Internet Connections (Campus Housing Only)

Network cable photo

Each dorm room and campus apartment is equipped with an Ethernet port that connects to Student Tech Services’ wired network. To access your in-room connection, plug your computer into an available Ethernet port (requires an Ethernet cable) and complete our short, online registration process.

While you can register multiple computers or devices, only one can be connected to the Internet at a time via Ethernet because each resident is allotted one IP address. If you want to use multiple devices simultaneously, you can connect to the AirBears2 wireless network.

To see devices registered to your account, log in to Online Helpdesk (campus housing residents only).

Keep your data and devices safe while you're online. Set a strong password, install antivirus, activate your firewall, enable automatic updates, and keep your operating system current. Enroll in CalNet 2 Step Verification for added security and review our security page for even more tips on getting and staying secure. 

University Village residents with personal routers: Because information sent over personal wireless networks is vulnerable to being compromised, we strongly recommend consulting with Student Tech Services about wireless security. We can answer your questions and help you set up your network in person, over the phone, or by email.